About me

My interest in photography began shortly before my wedding, when I took up a professional camera. Then, I began to release my artistic soul and  to realize what hasn't been realized so far.

Emotions, love and challenge are the reasons why I chose photography. I'm still charmed by the portrait, journalistic photography and work of the light. And here I found my true passion ...  photographing people who are in love. Is there anything more beautiful than watching two people who decide to spend the rest of their lives together? Charm, excitement, tears of happiness accompany these important decisions quite often.

I like action, zeal of preparation, observing and being right next to your most beautiful Christmas as a photographer. Currently most of my day is being filled with this passion.
I also need to add that it wouldn't be possile for me to do it if not my greatest life inspiration - my husband, who helps me with the outdoor sessions.

My way of life and my husband's hobby, engages us in a varied and unconventional approach to photography.
This partnership unables different approaches to observe and commemorate many precious moments from two very different perspectives.
See for yourself!