Our offer is dedicated to children and adults (for big and small:-) ). It depends of individual expectations, interests or likes.We do always try to go forward and to help you with the implementation of all kinds of your ideas just after an accurate discussion about the certain topic.

We pursue a photoreports :

- The Bride’s home preperations and the Groom’s home preperations

- The wedding ceremony in the church and registry office

- The wedding party

- The Wedding outdoor photo sessions. We implement them a few days after wedding (or according to your wish on the wedding day).


We also photograph :

- The romantic engagement’s session

- The pregnancies’ sessions (bellies' sessions )

- The baptism of your babies - your „ happieness ”

- Family

- Others photoreports (brand events, family ceremonies)

- Fashion, Glamour and Portrait sesions.

In order to get to know our detailed offer we invite you to contact us.